The Classic Taste Box


Greet your dinner guests in convivial style with a wide selection of premium cocktails crafted to satisfy every taste palate.

Key Ingredients:

Negroni | Garden of Russia | Daiquiri | Gimlet | Manhattan | Tommy's Margarita
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Why you’ll love it

6 cocktails, 6 pillars of top-bar mixology rigourosly crafted with premium spirit brands only:


    Inside the Classic Taste Box


    As the proclaimed king of Italian cocktails, the Negroni has earned its rightful place in our Best Seller Box. It even won the top Master accolade at the Spirits Business 2021 Spring Blind Tasting awards for the rounded flavours of “orange peel on the nose, clove and a nice bitterness on the palate”, in the words of the judges. Complex and punchy with a smooth finish, we think this might be your new favourite, too.

    Garden of Russia 

    The Garden of Russia is an unusual, fresh and fragrant take on the Vodka Sour with an elegant elderflower twist. Combining vodka, Bols Elderflower liqueur, organic citric acid and Toschi liquid sugar this cocktail is bright, gently floral, and wonderfully refreshing. 


    The Daiquiri may be known for its ability to conjure up dreams of lazy, sun soaked beach days, but it’s far too refreshing to just enjoy in the summer. Combining white rum, citrus and liquid sugar this popular, classic cocktail is one of the most well-balanced drinks around.


    As one of the world's most popular classic cocktails, the Gimlet has really stood the test of time and is the cocktail of choice for many. Combining Tanqueray Gin, Finest Call Cordial Lime and a splash of water, our premium Gimlet is an ultra-refreshing drink with a delightfully sharp kick. 

    Tommy's Margarita 

    Bright, citrusy and refreshing, Tommy’s Margarita is a modern variation on the classic Margarita cocktail that really allows the tequila to shine. Ideal for summer parties (or parties at any time of year, for that matter) our high-quality Tommy’s Margarita cocktail combines Jose Cuervo tequila, Toschi Agave Syrup and organic citric acid for a sharp and delicious flavour.


    The bittersweet, rounded flavour profile of Manhattan oozes sophistication and class, making it an after-dinner favourite in bars and homes for almost a century. You just can't beat the warm, rich flavours of Bulleit Bourbon, the sweetness of Vermouth and the twist of bitters in our Manhattan - immaculately balanced.

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